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I wish more people were watching Doctor Who because this is the one show I want to talk with people in real life about. I just want to geek out completely in real life about the Doctor once.

My favorite new show... I only watched Glee, The Vampire Diaries and most of Community.

The Vampire Diaries wins...

Well, I watched Community pretty much only because Gillian Jacobs is in it. Jacobs was in an extremely depressing movie called "Gardens of the Night" with a depressing open ending and I love to pretend that her Britta is the character she played in that movie, only a few years and a name change later. Community is the happy ending Gardens of the Night needed. Desperately.

I know I'm watching it wrong.

I watch Glee but the only parts that I ever want to re-watch either feature songs I already liked before or Jane Lynch. The things in between... I watch them once and that is okay.

The Vampire Diaries accomplished something really nice by being actually creepy once in a while and it had some decent continuity, pacing and made good attempts at plot and characterization. It's far from perfect but I did love the bold choices the writers made in the beginning. Making regular characters pretty irredeemably evil, playing a bad relationship as a bad relationship... stuff like that.

But it's exactly that which makes the sophomore slump inevitable. In fact it's already a half-done deed with the show's current strategy of "let's redeem the local rapist/serial killer/abuser since he does awesome line readings". It's exactly there where the show's gonna lose me.

I said this some time ago - the show can either lose that character, redeem him or turn everyone else into an idiot for keeping him around. In any case the thing about the show that drew me to it - the unapologetic decision to make the villain a protagonist and make it work - is the only thing that the show cannot afford to keep. Cannot keep at all and make it work.

The redemption is probably not the best choice. Yet that they made it and seem to go for the "pretend it never happened" route of (non-)redemption though is actually disturbing in a bad way.

Maybe next season will bring a crop that's more than catchy songs, re-hashed pop culture cliches mixed with making sad movie betters and unsustainable characterizations.
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