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I did not have to think about this answer for a second. I briefly thought about if in the last decade I watched anything I enjoyed more, loved more, liked more than this show and the answer is no.

It's been ten years since I last saw the entire run of the show (I have a cunning plan of not watching it until I forget everything and can watch it like it's the first time. Unfortunately so far my memory ain't that bad. Fail.) but I never loved a show this unapologetically before or again.

This show is Monty Python's Flying Circus.

I know of all the drama-lama I openly and secretly fangirl/ed, a drama-free, random sketch comedy show from the 60s is an unusual choice. But that's really the only thing that's unusual about it.

I think my answer is the most boring and safe answer anyone has given for this meme. Because usually with tv you say "time will tell if Lost is amazing and The X-Files' lack of planning, Take Two."

With Python, time has already told. It's been one of the most influential shows to ever come out of Britain, it spawned, and unlike a lot other older shows, it holds up pretty well.

The really funny thing about this is that I actally dislike Terry Gilliam's animation that's just littering the show and I never managed to get through the Holy Grail movie. (Love Life of Brian though.) As a Python fan I suck.
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