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All of them. I think the only one I predicted I would love was Pushing Daisies.

Everything else I initially met with skepticism. Some with outright dislike. There's this one show (not naming any names because then I would digress) that has a really awful title song. Back then in the 90s I knew barely anything about this show but its basic premise and that awful title song. Instant avoidance and hate. And then a decade later---

And often it's the little things that convince me to give them a chance. Battlestar Galactica, for example, only got me tuning in because they had the self-irony to give their resident hunk a fat suit. It sounded funny. (Turns out that the episodes in which Lee is fat are actually some of the darkest of the entire run.)

And sometimes it's the big things. (Never would have watched Who without Eccleston.)

And sometimes wild horses can't make you watch something, no matter how awesome it is supposed to be. No matter how awesome you even believe yourself it is. I never finished that first episode of The Wire.
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