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I don't have one. I do remember that when I was little there were a lot silent short films on tv. Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy... I don't know if anyone has seen The Fall but the montage at the end of all the crazy silent movie stunts gave me an insane sense of nostalgia. I didn't see what it was supposed to be - the birth of the modern (action) movie - but a beloved part of my childhood.

I also remember a summer though where my siblings and me would watch a lot of Little House on the Prairie episodes. (I don't know what exactly this says about us.) I was more than just a little bit traumatized by the episode where the one lady and her little baby died in a fire that Albert and her son had caused by smoking a pipe.

Smoking kills, people.

Date: 2010-08-14 12:10 am (UTC)
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I never watched Little House on the Prairie! I think it had gone off the air by the time I was watching TV. I remember hearing about Michael Landon's death, but that was years later...

I read all the "Little House" books, but never watched the series. I really think because I was too young when it was airing outside of syndication.


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