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Does Michael Palin in everything ever count? I love that man. In Monty Python, playing whatever, and his travel shows... man, the day the Aliens come we need to send Michael Palin because he'll be chummy with them in five seconds flat without ever coming across as phony.

I know an actor is not a character. I guess on the other end of the spectrum would be the Doctor - because it's got to be the character. I have only seen three different incarnations of him but I loved every single one of them, so I can't really blame the actors or the writers. It's got to be the character itself.

But the thing where you love a character because you just love the character, just the character....

I don't think I have a favorite. I love plenty of male characters - everyone on Father Ted, Kermit the Frog, Blackadder in the Fourth series, Aaron Tyler in Wonderfalls, the guys from that show that [ profile] eolivet still has to guess, that guy from that Korean tv drama who for some reason was just so straightforward and trusting that the "Big Misunderstanding" that's staple for Korean drama never happened... but I really don't have a favorite.
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