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I started out disliking Wonderfalls and BSG entire cast of character and in the end loved them all, but I think the best of them all is the one that after the show ended I never cared much about again - Buffy. Loved the show, loved them on the show - but afterwards... well, let's put it that way - in Alyson Hannigan's case her being in HIMYM is the number one reason I'll never watch that show. I guess that's one way to think of a cast as "best" - if you actually dislike most of their work outside that show.

The balcony kiss on Veronica Mars. Looking back at it, I'm not sure it was earned or the right decision for the show yadda yadda but it just... worked.

Wait, actually I don't think it was earned and it being welcomed by the audience with so much enthusiasm set a bad precedent, so overall it was not good for the show itself. The shark wasn't jump there but someone put on the water skis.

But if it had been earned, it wouldn't have been spontaneous, it wouldn't have been surprising and we wouldn't have gotten the TV kiss equivalent of Mr. Darcy's proposal in Pride and Prejudice: "He hates me, he's mean to me, he's teasing me, he's fighting with me, he loves me... wait what?"

It was this what made it good for that moment. Insert your own pun here.
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