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Uh-oh. Probably something obscure that never got killed by crazy fandoms. Something like Profit/his secretary or something. Yeah, I shipped it. Kill me now.

I usually just wish that the cast of characters that make the show never break up. In which capacity they stay together - friends, lovers, gigantic orgy - I usually don't care about.

There have been very few shows where I hated the finales. I usually just want some closure and I usually get that, perhaps less because it's given and more because I just take it.

But when closure is freely and generously given - like Wonderfalls, Life on Mars or Six Feet Under - it's very much appreciated. Except if even closure can't save an abysmal previous two seasons like Buffy.

Well, to be all technical, still, I really, really, really hated the Stepfather character in Fanny and Alexander. He wasn't annoying as much as he was a power-hungry, abusive hypocrite who I wanted to die in a fire from his first scene on. And that wasn't a hyperbolic sort of hate. It was a struggle not to throw things at the tv screen every time he appeared.

I don't hate easily and I usually don't get aggressive over fictional characters but he was special in that regard. Never hated anyone in fiction like him. I'm not sure if I hated anyone in real life like I hated him.
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