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I want to see Ashes to Ashes. Maybe the hole that are the three-and-a-half season of Lost I didn't watch. And one of these days I will finally figure out if Twins Peaks was really that ground-breaking as it is supposed to be.

Buffy's Restless. In the best and most literal interpretation of that category.

Not the best pilot episode but Roswell's first five minutes are pretty hard to beat at setting up a mythology and tone and storyline all at once.

Although if we are talking about the whole episode: the pilot episode of Twitch City, a semi-obscure Canadian comedy. You think you have the show figured out - the clean-cut guy, his cute girlfriend and his slobby tv-obsessed roomate share an apartment, shennanigans occur.

And then clean-cut guy goes out to buy some cat food and the entire dynamic, tone and show changes irrevocably. It's amazing.

And then it gets better.
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