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Buffy, probably most likely what's your definition of obsession? .


It could change any day and for however long it would take to catch up with everything that's aired so far, I might even be single-minded and obsessive about it. But to do this long-range fandom kind of thing - three seasons, four seasons, years and years of being "a fan", of being obsessed by something that can be such a letdown... I don't think I can do that anymore.

The point of escapism is not be even more stressed than you are already. These days I sleep like the dead, I'm exhausted, sick. I want escapism, I want the Doctor saving the world, and True Blood to be its campy self. But I don't want to care if they are in character, if they are well-written, if Moffat's take on women is stone-aged. I want to be entertained, I want to enjoy, I want to be distracted. But I don't want to care.

I mean... Look, for the past five days I had one overdrawn credit card account but enough money in another bank to cover those debts ten times. Did I cover them?

It would have taken two minutes. Two minutes. And yet I couldn't muster the energy, the time, anything. I did it about two hours ago, finally.

If I can't even be bothered to cover my credit card debts right now, how am I supposed to see myself caring for years and years of a tv show?
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